Tuesday, September 1

REV'IT! Rain Gear: Pacific 2 H2O and Cyclone 2 H2O

Let's be honest, riding in the rain is no fun. I have yet to see a rider get genuinely excited about the prospect of a wet weather ride. It's something that most riders have experienced, willingly or unwillingly, and for those new riders out there, you can be sure your time will come soon enough.

REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rain SuitRedesigned for fall 2015, REV'IT! has given us two great options to stay dry over the coming rainy months: the REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rain Suit and the REV'IT! Cyclone 2 H2O Rain Jacket. In the interests of full disclosure, I actually own the current Pacific H2O Rain Suit, so it is fair to say I love this rain gear.

REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rain Suit Review:

REV'IT! Cyclone 2 H2O Rain JacketThe changes for this second iteration are pretty small. The one-piece Pacific 2 suit gets a slight visual redesign that makes the suit appear smaller and trimmer, without it actually being tighter, which would reduce the easy of entry. The REV'IT! Cyclone 2 H2O Rain Jacket gets a similar redesign, with both the Cyclone 2 and the Pacific 2 Suit benefiting from additional use of reflective material, placed high up where it is very visible to other road users. Both the Cyclone 2 and Pacific 2 are still made from the PVC-free Oxford waterproof material that REV'IT! has been using in their rain gear for years.

REV'IT! Cyclone 2 H2O Rain Jacket Review:

It's a bold statement, but REV'IT! did not have to change anything on the Cyclone Jacket or the Pacific Suit to keep them at the top of this category. Despite that, they took the two most common criticisms - a visually bulky look, and a relative lack of reflective - and improved both the jacket and suit in those categories. More than even before, REV'IT! is giving riders two great options to stay dry with Mother Nature says otherwise.

- ZLAwicki

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