Tuesday, September 8

Shoei GT-Air Graphics: Expanse and Dauntless

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The Shoei GT-Air helmet is one of the predominant options out there for serious, long-range motorcyclists in search of the pinnacle of comfort, protection and quality. For years now, it has stood out amongst the masses, and rightly so. When looking at a motorcycle helmet that does it all, and does it well, the GT-Air is a true podium-topper that has carved out a place at the front of the pack. To keep things lively moving into the Fall of 2015, Shoei has introduced a couple new graphics that will keep this classic youthful in the new year to come.
Shoei GT-Air Dauntless Motorcycle Helmet
The Shoei GT-Air Dauntless Helmet is a simple graphical option that adds a bit of visual vibrancy to the GT-Air blueprint without being overly flashy or screaming “Yo! You there… Look at me, look at me, look at me!” In true Shoei fashion, the Dauntless graphic is crisp in its execution and has the distinct sense of a glowing undertone to the shaded graphic that really gives this helmet a 3D aesthetic. Of course, all of that comes on top of the supreme aerodynamics, light weight, and interior amenities of the GT-Air itself, thus allowing for a truly premium and stylish experience.

Shoei GT-Air Expanse Motorcycle HelmetFor a little more “hey there!” in a graphic, the Shoei GT-Air Expanse is a great place to look. The Expanse graphic utilizes high-contrast colorways that are a bit louder than the Dauntless. Whether you prefer the White/Red/Green that screams of Italian-moto, or a more Darth Maul-esq Black/Red combination, the Shoei Expanse helmet has you covered. You can also rock a White/Black/Grey option if you dig the graphical design, but want to keep it to Grayscale.

Whether you prefer the Dauntless helmet or the Expanse, each comes with all of the great fit and features that the GT-Air helmet affords. From the interior drop-down sun visor, to the world-class ventilation and plush 3-D Max-Dry internal liner, Shoei has put together a great set of options to augment your ride.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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