Tuesday, September 8

Shoei RF-1200 Graphics: Valkyrie, Vessel, and Seduction

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The Shoei RF-1200 helmet came to the market with all of the hype and fanfare of an expected future Hall-of-Fame, first round pick. Unlike many of those let-down picks <insert your team’s massive draft bust here>, the RF-1200 has more than lived up to the top-billing. Lightweight, super plush, extremely light and aerodynamic… all adjectives that the RF1200 exemplifies. It is without question one of the most popular helmets in the world, as it should be. Adding to the selection for 2015, Shoei has just introduced a handful of new graphics.
Shoei RF-1200 Valkyrie Motorcycle Helmet
First out of the gate, the Shoei RF-1200 Valkyrie helmet comes to the game like a 1990’s arcade, lots of color, plenty of action, and neon highlights for days. A wildly energetic graphic, the Valkyrie from Shoei intermixes contrast of color and line in a way that creates a feeling of movement even while standing still. Any fans of the neon pinball games of yesteryear will instantly go back to their favorite version of the interstellar pixels of perfection that consumed so much of their attention (and pocket change!) as they look at the attention-grabbing Valkyrie colorways.

Shoei RF-1200 Vessel Motorcycle HelmetWith a matte finish and a whole lot of moto machinery, the Shoei RF-1200 Vessel helmet is a graphical option to the RF1200 that is almost impossible to miss. Like the interior of a nuclear submarine in the middle of a clandestine, world-changing mission of excellence, the Vessel helmet from Shoei really augments the look and line of the RF-1200 frame. From the high-contrast color juxtaposition of Red on Black to the ominous inclusion of multiple crosshairs circling throughout (what are they aiming at?), the RF1200 Vessel graphic is unlike just about anything else on the road.

Shoei RF-1200 Seduction Motorcycle HelmetThen there is the Shoei RF-1200 Seduction helmet. As a totally different graphic than anything else being released from Shoei for the Fall of 2015 (and just about any other time for that matter), the Seduction is a racy take for the leather and lace contingent. Attitude-rich and unapologetic in its style, the RF1200 Seduction exudes the mystique of a take-no-prisoners motorcycle Femme Fatale who resides within a precisely crafted, meticulously streamlined motorcycle helmet for the ages.

With one of the very best motorcycle helmets on the market, Shoei has hit it out of the park with the RF1200. With the introduction of the newest graphics for 2015, the excitement is sure to continue well into the future.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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