Friday, September 25

Shoei X-14 Helmet: For The Speed Monster Inside

Tony - Content Coordinator

We all have one. It is true. That little voice in our head that so slyly sends its not-so-subtle message our way. It is our Speed Monster. That’s right. Speed… Monster. For some of us it is meager. It stays out of the way and enjoys its decaffeinated coffee while it politely nibbles it’s brunch properly. If that is your Speed Monster, you can probably stop reading now. This one isn’t for you.

Shoei X-14 Motorcycle Helmet - FrontThe new Shoei X-14 helmet is for the ravenous Speed Monsters amongst us. The ones that are bottomless, without relent and lacking in any sort of moderate decorum when it comes to the flat out consumption of high-velocity and knock-you-back acceleration. Coming from one of the most prestigious pedigrees in motorcycle racing helmets, the Shoei X14 is the new, top-of-the-line option from one of the most top-of-the-line helmet manufacturers in the business. Shoei makes great helmets. Plain and simple. For years, it was the X-12 that stood as their racing flagship helmet. Used by the most passionate of track-day riders and professionals alike, the X-14’s predecessor set a high bar. It is one that the X-14 is happy to jump right over.
Shoei X14 Motorcycle Helmet - Back
Featuring a more aerodynamic outer shell, the new Shoei X-14 has been precisely crafted to cut through the air with an all-time-low amount of buffeting and drag. This shell design works in tandem with the sophisticated ventilation pathways that provide continuous fresh air to the dome, which is an essential on race-day. As with many race helmets, the flow of this air comes hard and fast, so it isn’t going to be as quiet as some of the more distance/cruising/touring oriented helmets, but that is to be expected. If you are going to the track, you will be wearing earplugs anyway, so maximum airflow takes precedent.

From within the shell, the Shoei X-14 puts to use a varying-density EPS system that takes impact absorption to a new level. As different densities of foam work best to absorb different variances of force, the multiple layers in the EPS of the X14 work to cover a wider-gamut of collisions. When the layers are working together, the energy of an impact is dissipated throughout the EPS, and directed away from your skull.

If your Speed Monster is as famished (as those rapscallions tend to be), the Shoei X-14 motorcycle helmet is here to serve an all-it-can-eat buffet of hammer-dropping, adrenaline rocking moto-goodness it will not soon forget.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,


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