Thursday, October 15

6D ATS-1 Helmet: From Dirt Track To Tarmac

Tony - Content Coordinator

The American International Motorcycle Expo is underway right now in Florida, and TeamZilla is on the ground to report on the hottest new items to put on your radar for the year to come. As one of the most important shows of the year for the motorcycle industry, there is a ton to be excited about, and the gear team is reporting the most prominent pieces back to RevZilla HQ as quick as it comes through the pipeline.

6D ATS-1 Motorcycle HelmetOne of the items that has grabbed the attention of our team is the introduction of the 6D ATS-1 Helmet. Now, if you haven’t heard of 6D before, it’s probably because you don’t spend much time in the dirt. Up until now, that would make sense. They have traditionally been exclusive champions of the off-road. However, with the introduction of the new ATS-1, they are making the leap to the tarmac, and with a great deal of enthusiasm. Information as to the specifics of the helmet itself are limited at the moment, but all indications would lead one to speculate that the ATS-1 will make use of the revolutionary 6D Omni-Directional Suspension technology, as well as a plethora of other technological advancements that 6D has made its name featuring throughout their line.

6D ATS-1 Helmet LiningWheeeeww… the new gear information is coming off of the AIMExpo floor faster than the bikes on which they ride atop. Only time will tell what other nuggets and new items will be unveiled in the hours to come!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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