Thursday, October 15

Bell Star 2016: Old Name, New Game

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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. If you were a fictional character in Boston from 1982 - 1993, that place was Cheers. If you are the Bell Star, that place is the motorcycle industry. Basically, the Star has been one of the foundational motorcycle helmets that is as well-known in the industry as any. For the Spring of 2016, however, that name, while as recognizable as ever, will be attached to a lid that looks a little different.

The new lineup of Bell Star helmets is itself, new. Previously, there was one. When looking for the best from Bell, there was the Bell Star and the Bell Star Carbon. Now, however, the lineup has been split into three distinct options: Bell Pro Star, Bell Race Star, and the Bell Star helmet. In this lineup, the Bell Pro Star and Bell Race Star cover the aggressive race style while the Bell Star is geared more for the street.

Bell Star Motorcycle Helmets

Not to be confused with the old Bell Star, the 2016 version by the same name is going to be more for the street rider and commuter. With an outer shell that has been constructed of a Tri-Matrix of Aramid, Carbon Fiber, and Fiberglass for strength, durability, and protection, the Bell Star will combine lightweight aerodynamics with rugged, go-anywhere tenacity. As with its more race-oriented brothers, the Star helmet will feature the new Panovision Viewport that has increased the viewing capabilities of the rider both vertically and horizontally. On top of it all, the helmet itself features 5 shell sizes, which allows for a more tailored, low-profile fit and feel to this DOT/Snell M2015 certified motorcycle helmet.

Bell Star Motorcycle Helmet Front View

In the end, the main takeaway is that Bell has made a mega-stride into the next generation of its premier motorcycle helmet lineup. The Bell Star is a premium-grade helmet that will offer street, commuting, and touring riders a race-inspired helmet that has been redesigned to better accommodate their specific off-track specifications.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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