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Bell Race Star: The Quantum Leap

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When it comes to motorcycle helmets, few names are as synonymous with the product as is Bell. Every style, every rider, every motorcycle, and every fit, form, and functionality falls somewhere within the Bell spectrum of motorcycle helmets. There is nothing that is too out of their realms of imagination, and with the equity that they have built up throughout decades of ardent research and design, they are in a position to make such ideas into a reality that benefits riders throughout the world. In the newest initiative to reinvent the most prominent helmet in their lineup, the new series of Star helmets have been announced for 2016.

What was previously one helmet, the Bell Star, has now been divided into three helmets. From within the Bell Pro Star, Bell Race Star, and Bell Star lineup, riders will be able to select an option that fits best for their own individual needs. Regardless of if you are a pro raking in mad coin for your weekly winnings, a track day weekend rider who wants premium performance, or a street commuter/tourer who is in search of a great lid to get you around town, the new series of Star helmets is going to have something for you.

Bell Race Star Motorcycle Helmet

If you are looking to put the Bell Race Star helmet through its paces and get the most out of your investment, it will be most at home in the deep tuck. Additionally, the new Star series features a larger field of view (both laterally and vertically) through the brand new Panovision viewport. This is a feature that will come in super handy at speed when you need to be most attuned to your surroundings on the bike.

Bell Race Star Helmet (2)

Material-wise, the Bell Race Star is premium in every regard. With an outer 3K Carbon shell that is designed to be put to use by the most ardent of riders, the absolute most is made of the 5 shell sizes in the reduction of weight, bulk, and overall drag through the air. At the same time, super-plush interior lining and efficiency/comfort/utility features such as Magnefusion magnetic cheekpads work in unison to provide a truly great riding experience.

Bell Race Star Motorcycle Helmet (3)

In between the outer Carbon shell and the comfort-focused interior is one of the most innovative pieces of the entire Star helmet initiative; the Flex Impact Liner. As various impacts exert various types of forces on the object being hit, the multiple layers of the Bell Race Star lining have been specifically put together in a way that they can all work together to disperse energy in the best way possible. From the low-energy EPO layer, to the mid-energy EPP liner and high-energy EPS liner, the multi-faceted defense system that makes up the Flex system is one of the most well-thought-out internal lining components in the industry.

Bell Race Star Helmet (4)

Falling into the mid-price point of the Bell Star helmet lineup (which is to still be one of the most expensive helmets on the market), the 2016 Race Star is a lid that should be on your mind if you are a track day rider who wants extreme functionality, and doesn’t mind paying a really premium price. However, if you are a rider who is going to be looking for every advantage in putting forth your best on the track, it is definitely a helmet that is worthy of your consideration.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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