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Bell Pro Star Helmet: Infinity +1

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It’s been almost 50 years since the introduction of the Bell Star. Obviously, things have changed a bit since then. The MLB single season (and career) home run records belonged to Babe Ruth. No human had ever looked back upon Earth from the surface of the moon. The search engine that you used to find this blog post wasn’t even a figment of the imagination of its inventors… because they weren’t even born! However, through it all, one thing that has not changed has been the Bell commitment to cranium protection. While the first Bell Star was introduced to the world in 1967, the 2016 edition is the one that will bring it full-throttle into the new millennium.

One of the most notable changes in the Star lineup will be seen within the structure of the lineup itself. What was once a single helmet that was parceled out into addition Carbon iterations, has now become 3 separate helmets entirely. Between the Bell Pro Star, the Bell Race Star, and the Bell Star, riders from a wide variety of disciplines and riding styles will be able to rock the lid that has been customized specifically for their usage specifications. This specificity is exemplified in the fact that Bell took the time and expense of production to actually produce two different profiles of the helmet itself. That’s right. You did not read it wrong. There are 2 different profiles of helmet within the Race series. How freakin’ cool is that?!

Bell Pro Star Motorcycle Helmet

The most instantly recognizable thing about the new Bell Pro Star Helmet will undoubtedly be the super aggressive lines that it puts on full display for all to see. These are far more than mere aesthetics, however, and feature an architecture for speed that is seen in every detail. From the Panovision lens that has been crafted to increase rider visibility both vertically and horizontally, to the Magnifusion magnetic cheek pads that are easier to detach for cleaning and emergency situations, there is no portion of the racing experience that Bell overlooked. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, was it mentioned that the TexTreme Carbon Fiber outer shell (which just so happens to be the next generation of Carbon Fibrer tech), is 20% lighter than traditional Carbon Fiber while forgoing nothing in regard to strength? This is the stuff that they use on Formula-1 cars and speedboats. There is nothing better.

Bell Pro Star Motorcycle Helmet (2)

On the inside, the technology is equally as advanced. When Bell introduced the new Flex Impact liner in its premium Moto-9 Flex helmet for the off-road, the writing was on the wall for the direction that future iterations of its high-end helmets would go. The progressive protection of the Flex liner allows it to disperse energy from various types of impacts, in various types of ways. Each layer of material in the three-layer system is geared to work best in a low (EPO layer), mid (EPP layer), and high (EPS layer) energy impact scenario. In utilizing the inherent capabilities of each layer, the full progressive protection Flex system has been designed and honed to work together to dissipate the forces of a collision in the most efficient way possible, thus reducing the effects on the rider within.

Bell Pro Star Motorcycle Helmet (3)

It is quite simple really. The Bell Pro Star helmet is one of the most premium in the world. becomes clear; this is a helmet for the serious racer who has deep pockets (or super generous sponsors) and who is going to the track on a mission. If you are buying this lid to cruise around town at 40 mph, or to rock out on your cafe racer from bar to bar, re-consider. This isn’t the helmet for you. However, if you are a shark of the tarmac, an eagle of the raceway, and/or an Adonis of the track day, well, the Bell Pro Star helmet is the pinnacle of performance. End of story.

End of blog.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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