Thursday, October 15

Shoei X-14 & RF-1200 Graphics: Asail, Bradley 3, Marquez 4, and Marquez Digi Ant

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It’s no surprise now, the cat has been out of the bag for a bit, but the Shoei X-14 is going to be coming to town soon, and it is a beast. When we say beast, we don’t mean like gnarly lion prowling the savannah. No, no. Not even the great white shark patrolling the waters just off the coast.

The X-14 is a beast in the way that the Kraken is a beast, the way that The Hulk is a beast, the way that… well, you get it. The X-14 is a champion of champions on the track, and its little brother the RF-1200 is equally as adept on the street. Fresh from the floor at the American International Motorcycle Expo, Shoei has introduced the world to a few new graphics to accompany these helmets into the new year.

Fist out of the starting block is the Shoei X-14 Asail Helmet. This thing looks to be the quintessential “Fast” graphic. In fact, it would take a jug of molasses and a pair of lead shoes to slow this thing down! With an overall aesthetic that is like a laser show on Neptune, if Neptune was a nightclub in the South of France (or Miami), the Asail helmet is a “can’t look away,” “can’t miss when I come through” kind of graphic for the go-fast, don’t look back crowd.

Shoei X-14 Asail Motorcycle Helmet

The British invasion theme is on full display with the new Shoei X-14 Bradley 3 helmet. Themed after the aesthetic sensibilities of one of the sports’ favorite racers, the Bradley 3 takes all of the great features of the X-14 and combines them with an across-the-pond graphic for riders who all equal parts Euro and speedster. Or if you just like Bradley Smith. Or if you just like Britain. It really doesn’t matter why you choose it, just that you like it, and you probably will if you fit either of the former descriptions. Whatever the case, the X14 Bradley 3 is here and ready for the road… just remember to stay to the right-hand side!

Shoei X-14 Bradley 3 Motorcycle Helmet

Well, what can be said about Marc Marquez that has not already been said? He is a world-champion. He goes fast. He has no fear. He wins. Simple as that. Now, new for 2016, the Shoei X-14 Marquez 4 Helmet will bring that same attitude to the masses. Featuring Marquez’s signature Ant graphic and with his number 93 prominently displayed throughout, this speedster helmet is only surpassed by the intensity of the rockstar racers who dare to wear it.

Shoei X-14 Marquez 4 Motorcycle Helmet

To be blunt, if you are not going to the track and dropping the hammer at 140+ mph, the X-14 might just be a bit of overkill for your needs. The reasoning for his is that it is specially designed to be utilized in an extreme tuck position on a hard lined sport bike. If it is not there, it is out of its element and the investment in it will not be maximized. However, for street riders, that is where the RF1200 comes in, and for 2016 the brand new Shoei RF-1200 Marquez Digi Ant helmet will fill that same void as the X-14 in riders who want to represent the greatness of Marc Marquez, but who do not need all of the race-grade features of the X-14 to go with it.
Shoei RF-1200 Marquez Digi Ant Motorcycle Helmet

Four new graphics from Shoei hit the press this afternoon from AIME, and for good reason they have cause a lot of excitement. While there is far more to come from AIME in the ensuing hours, this lineup of helmets is certain to be one of the highlights of the day.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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