Thursday, October 15

Scorpion Belfast & Belfast Blanco: Keepin' It Classic

Jon - Gear Geek

Forget Scramblers and Bonnevilles. Scorpion made their own modern classic, out of a helmet.

Scorpion Belfast Motorcycle HelmetThe new Scorpion Belfast helmet provides old school looks with modern features. It is that classic film that has been remastered for the IMAX and not missed a beat from the original. The fiberglass shell keeps the weight down on this aesthetic masterpiece, while still providing enough strength and impact resistance to garner DOT safety certification. The internal sun visor means you can still manage the sun if you forget your Ray Ban Wayfarers somewhere along the way and the Napa leather accents put a modern twist to quilted leather that never goes out of style.

Scorpion Belfast Blanco Motorcycle HelmetTo add another bit of old-school fashion to the mix (because who doesn't enjoy a hearty serving of that!), the new Scorpion Belfast Blanco graphic gives you a colorway that will go with whatever you ride, whether it is an American v-twin, a vintage CB, or a modern Scrambler. Versatility in style and timeless appeal in an open face motorcycle helmet is the name of the vintage game, and the new line of Belfast helmets from Scorpion makes it happen on multiple levels.

As cool as old things are, not everything old is cool. Drum brakes. Asbestos. Carburetors. New things are pretty nice too. ABS. Fuel injection. Traction control. You get the picture. So, in the end, why not make the best of both with something like the Scorpion Belfast and Belfast Blanco? Retro essence and modern tech. That's a combo we can all get on board with.

- SantoZilla

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