Wednesday, October 14

TCX Aura WP & T-Lily GTX Boots: These Boots Were Made For Riding!

As a woman, TCX has been a favorite brand for riding boots and shoes for many years. TCX understands women, and does not fall short of offering us the same protection they offer the guys. First in is a staple that has been in their lineup for years now, the Aura boot. This fall it gets a complete makeover and an update to its name. Next up is a game changer in the world of Gore-Tex boots for women. The new TCX T-Lily Gore-Tex boot is for the most serious all-weather lady riders. Are you as excited as I am? Well let’s dive in and take a look at what’s new!

TCX Women's Aura Plus Waterproof Motorcycle BootsFirst let's look at the TCX Aura Waterproof Boots, which have a fresh new look to them. The stretch panels that were at the calf area have now moved to the side of the boot- more in line with the overall look of the boot, in my opinion. On the old Auras, the stretch panels made the boots look like they had cuffs like a winter coat. The new elastic side stretch panel really gives you more stretch and eliminates the odd look. And ladies, if you have big calves, do not worry, the new Aura Plus Waterproof boots will still accommodate you. And, where are my ladies that always ask for some height help? That includes me, too! I am happy to report that the new Aura Plus boots will still have a 1 inch heel to help us stand taller. Can I get a hellz ya?! Most of the other features remain the same, they just look a bit nicer. For example, the reflective piece at the heel, the TCX branding at the shin and the accordion panels on the bridge of the foot just look sexy but aren't really more technical. Thank you for the upgrade TCX and for keeping the pricing of this boot affordable at $219.99!

TCX Women's T-Lily Gore-Tex Motorcycle BootsFor those ladies that like to get down and dirty and ride for miles and miles in rain, raise your hand. TCX is introducing the new T-Lily Gore-Tex boot just for you this fall. Now, I don't know about you, but every single time I plan a ride, the rain clouds follow me for days. For hours or days on end in the pouring rain, you really need to step up your game and invest in Gore-Tex as it will be the only thing that really works to keep on keeping you dry. Many people do not experience this type of rain for days out, but some do experience it for at least a few hours at a time or for a few days at a time. With these boots, TCX is thinking about the long touring, adventure-riding, Iron Butt ladies out there. TCX is keeping it real, still offering amazing calf adjustment and even the same grippy one-inch heel and sole that you find on the Aura Plus boots. With the TCX T-Lily Gore-tex boots, just get on the bike and go! And oh, don’t forget the rain gear!

So let TCX be on your radar this fall, ladies. Their entire line of boots and shoes for women (and men) are going to be CE Certified. So, you get the best protection from an Italian brand that believes in quality and equality. All you have to do is choose which boot is right for you; the Aura Plus Waterproof Boots or the T-Lily Gore-Tex Boots. Don’t forget- if you need help with sizing, just let me know!

- Rania

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