Thursday, October 15

SIDI Speedride Boots: Race Style For Every Mile

What do you do when you want protection, but you hate wearing full height motorcycle boots? Well you could continue riding around in sneakers or high tops, or you can upgrade to the new SIDI Speedride Boots. Try saying that 3 times fast!
SIDI Speedride Motorcycle Boots
The SIDI Speedride Boots are basically the lower half of a SIDI race boot. The ankle high design allows for excellent range of movement, while the boot has armor in the toe and heel. The ratcheting magnetic closure system is lifted right off the lower half of the SIDI Mag 1 boots, while the toe features a sliding vent just like the SIDI Vortice Air boots. For the Speedride Boots, SIDI is using their synthetic Technomirco material, and all high-impact seams are double stitched for safety. As we have come to expect from high-end SIDI boots, all the external sliders and buckles are bolted on and replaceable.

SIDI Speedride Boots Review:

It is now time to ditch those sneakers and step up to some real protection. For the sport bike riders looking to up their game, SIDI has created a way to be both comfortable and protected.

Save some wear and tear on those high tops, and as always...

Ride Safe!

- ZLAwicki

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