Wednesday, October 14

TCX Women's Boots: X-Boulevard & X-Street

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Style is constantly changing, but the desire to be stylish is always there. Just because you ride a motorcycle and want to be safe doesn’t mean that you can’t look good doing it. TCX hears you stylish ladies out there and has two new boots to keep you looking looking as good as your bike, errr better than your bike.
TCX Women's X-Boulevard Waterproof Motorcycle Boots
For those of you who need a little extra height, or just like to rock a pair of heels the new TCX Women's X-Boulevard Waterproof Boots are sleek looking boot that will round out your protective wardrobe. It doesn’t even look like a motorcycle boot with Full grain leather and a 1.75” heel. They give you a great look while providing you with the support you need when you’re stopped, or off the bike.

TCX Women's X-Boulevard Waterproof Boots Review:

TCX Women's X-Street Motorcycle Shoes
Next on the list, for the casual look they have the TCX Women's X-Street shoes to give you a relaxed looking boot with ankle protection, while being comfortable enough to wear all day. Great with a pair of riding jeans to go hangout with some friends. Or if you need go walk around all day and ride home when the day is done.

We all know that ladies love to look good and be stylish when ever possible, and the Motorcycle industry is finally starting to catch up. So if you are a stylish woman, or just need a new pair of sneakers, checkout the new offerings from TCX and keep riding on!

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