Wednesday, October 14

TCX X-Wave Shoes: Waterproof & Air

If you are in the market for some very stylish, low key urban inspired riding shoes from a more than proven motorcycle brand such as TCX, you will be happy to know that TCX has you covered with a number of different models to keep you looking good and dry without forcing you to look as though you're prepared for a demanding, long distance trip.
TCX X-Wave Air Motorcycle Shoes
The TCX X-Wave Air shoes give the rider some really great low key function and CE rated protection while keeping the shoes simple looking, and ready to be ridden in. These shoes provide great air flow with mesh panels along the top of the foot bed and the sides of the shoes. TCX also provides a removable shift pad for those looking for that extra wear panel, and also integrate a fully replaceable foot bed. The suede will certainly help reduce the break in period of these shoes, and with the ventilation combined, they are sure fire hit in the warm urban climates.

TCX X-Wave Shoes Review:

TCX X-Wave Waterproof Motorcycle ShoesNext up is the TCX X-Wave Waterproof shoe. This particular model provides the same basic platform of the X-Wave Air, while also integrating full grain leather throughout, and a soft waterproof inner membrane, which furthers the already functional urban shoe. The X-Wave Waterproof shoe definitely provides a more sleek and vintage approach in comparison to the X-Wave Air, giving the rider more of an opportunity to use the X-Wave platform even on the wet and gloomy days.

With the addition to these X-Wave model shoes form TCX, you cannot go wrong riding in any of the vintage, street inspired models that will help offer some style, and function for the everyday commuter.

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