Tuesday, December 22

Shark Spartan Helmet: Be Legendary

Tony - Content Coordinator

To be Spartan is to be minimal. It is to be precise. It is also to be equipped. Those 300 soldiers at Thermopylae didn’t go without their armor did they? Nope. Not a chance. They showed up looking like the baddest dudes on the planet and the name has been synonymous with righteous rear-end kickers ever since!

Shark Spartan Motorcycle HelmetWith the new Shark Spartan Helmet, the main thing you will be kicking is your sidestand up as to get out on your bike and log miles. This is a helmet that showcases some of the best features in the Shark lineup and really gets to business with some meaty features such as a Carbon fibre and fiberglass shell, retractable inner sun-visor, and a Pinlock anti-fog insert included. The weight savings from the outer shell allow the Shark Spartan Helmet to come to the table at a very light 1350g without gutting the interior to reduce excess mass. Additionally, the removable inner lining that is both plush and washable has been designed to go well with riders who wear glasses, while the ability to accommodate the Sharktooth bluetooth system and extra focus on active noise reduction allow for a great experience within.

The new Spartan motorcycle helmet from Shark is an ode to the legendary warriors and their unwavering commitment to their craft. They worked hard. They trained all their life. They set a precedent so high that the very mention of the Spartan name comes with an instant connotation of unstoppable ruggedness and determination. That, along with supreme aerodynamics and a bit of high-end technological amenities is what defines the new Shark Spartan Helmet.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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