Tuesday, December 22

Shark Skwal Helmet: An Unbridled Storm

Tony - Content Coordinator

Squall: a sudden violent wind often with rain or snow. Seems about right. Who hasn’t sat back and been amazed at the power of nature? It’s pretty wild stuff. The fine folks at Shark have harnessed that ethos, and while they have taken some liberties with the spelling, they have crafted a helmet that follows the same path.

Shark Skwal Motorcycle HelmetThe new Shark Skwal Helmet has been crafted from intense study of the aerodynamics of motorcycle helmet optimization. Countless hours of research and development have gone into honing the Skwal, and the premium nature of the Shark brand itself can be seen throughout. By utilizing computational fluid simulations for the most precise design, the Shark Skwal helmet boasts one of the quietest, most stable rides at high speeds. This attention to detail goes even further into the “autoseal” feature of the Pinlock MaxVision face shield that reduces sound and protects against rain / cold at the same time. Additionally, the Skwal (which weighs in at about 1,470g) rocks a set of 3 embedded LEDs that work to better augment the one-of-a-kind lines of this helmet.

As 2016 approaches, go fast, go well, and don’t be afraid to embrace your inner windstorm with the Shark Skwal. You will also look really cool. Who doesn’t like LED lights that make your lid look like something out of a sci-fi epic? Nobody, that’s who.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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