Monday, February 15

2016 Bell Race Star Graphics: RSD Chief & Tracer

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At this year's it AIMExpo, nothing was more notable than the introduction of the new Bell Star lineup of helmets. Though we have already noted some of the important pieces to consider about the helmets themselves, as always, let’s not kid ourselves and act like the style factor isn’t important too! As such, here come the graphics.

Bell Race Star RSD Chief Motorcycle HelmetThe new Bell Race Star RSD Chief Helmet is, as the name would suggest, a continuation of the very successful partnership between Bell and Roland Sands Designs. In true RSD fashion, the Chief graphic is a far more subtle nod towards style than some of the more race-inspired “loud” graphics that you will see throughout the track day and pro-level racing circuits. The Chief helmet makes great use of many of the intricacies that make the Bell Race Star what it is. From the augmentation of the shell profile itself, to the thought process that went into creating a graphical option that would not overshadow the super-premium Carbon construction, the RSD Chief graphic is bound to be a top choice in the Bell Star lineup.

Bell Race Star Helmet Review:

Bell Race Star Tracer Motorcycle HelmetSpeaking more towards those traditional race graphics that were alluded to above, the Bell Race Star Tracer Helmet is precisely that. The race-day crowd is all about “fast.” It is what they live for, and if you are rocking a Bell Race Star helmet, chances are that pretty much sums up your personal ethos as well. We concur, as does the Bell Race Star Tracer. While there are only two colorways that have been announced at this time (Matte Black/Grey & Black/White), it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that a few more might be on the way.

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