Monday, February 22

Alpinestars Jagg Pants: Jungle Kittens and Rockstars

Tony - Content Coordinator

A streamlined, powerful, purpose-built power-kitten of the jungle. That is the jaguar. The name itself is only associated with the best. It signifies a cutting focus and commitment to standing at the apex of the proverbial food chain. The professional football team aside, the jaguar conjures up images of a winner. Whether it’s in relation to the killer cat, or the world-famous rocker, the new Astars pants by the same name will definitely make their place in the mix.

Alpinestars Jagg Airflow Motorcycle PantsThe Alpinestars Jagg Airflow Pants are constructed of highly-durable full-grain leather that utilizes multi-panel design to combine great abrasion resistance with on-bike mobility and comfort. To augment the comfort even further, the Jagg Airflow pants have been crafted with extensive and strategically-placed perforation that moves a ton of air throughout. This airflow comes in extremely handy for riders who put in long days and hard work at the track throughout the warmer months of the year. As the Jagg pants are meant to be worn by riders who are pushing the envelope, they are also equipped with removable CE-approved internal protectors at the knee and shin. Additionally, for the lady riders out there, the Alpinestars Stella Jagg Airflow Pants provide a better fitment for women.

With a name like the Jagg, a lot is expected of the newest leather motorcycle pants from Alpinestars. And they deliver.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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