Monday, February 15

The New Bell Star Graphics: Pace, Spectre, & RSD Blast

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This year, as the heavy-hitters in the motorcycle industry converged on Orlando, FL for the American International Motorcycle Expo, the RevZilla gear team was locked in and ready to scour the show for the very best and most noteworthy additions to the world of gear, accessories, and the moto-world as a whole. While they have sas a lot, the most important info being relayed back to RevZilla HQ was that pertaining to the totally new lineup of Bell Star helmets.

Bell Star Pace Motorcycle HelmetThe most traditional “fast” graphic of the bunch can be seen in the Bell Star Pace Helmet. This lid is all-out, through the turn, speed moto in its design. The Pace graphic has been crafted to convey the feeling of motion, quick, fast, and powerful, even as the helmet remains motionless. Add that feeling into a lid that is atop a rider toasting around the track on race day, and yeah, you get the picture. The combination is more than non-speed-enthusiasts will even be able to begin to comprehend. To keep -- uhhhh, “pace” -- with riders of swift style, the Pace graphic will come in a Black/White (with Hi-Viz) option, as well as Black/Red and Orange/Black colorways.

Bell Star Helmet Review:

Bell Star Spectre Motorcycle HelmetJust in time for the new Bond movie by the same name, the Bell Star Spectre Helmet is a break from the norm. Most graphics have a tendency to pull from front to back of the helmet itself. They run latitudinally rather than longitudinally as to run parallel with the ground, and thus, flow. With the Spectre graphic, however, the lines are vertical and create a sense of unconformity. Coming in both a Black/Silver and Black/Hi-Viz option, the Spectre is a helmet that is just off of normal, in a really good way!

Bell Star RSD Blast Motorcycle HelmetThat brings us to the Bell Star RSD Blast Helmet. In good ol’ Bell / Roland Sands Designs collaborative style, the RSD Blast graphic has a vintage feel with a premium implementation. This combination has been producing some of the most refined graphics in the motorcycle helmet game for years, and the Blast keeps the trend going into 2016. Coming in one colorway (Red/Black) and incorporating the RSD logo right at the base of the jaw, this is an Iron Man-esc style that will definitely be a first-rate option.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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