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2016 Bell Pro Star Graphics: Tracer & Ratchet

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Form the newest bikes to the hottest gear of the Fall season and what to look forward to in 2016, the American International Motorcycle Expo had it all. The RevZilla gear gurus were there live, walking the floor, and one of the most important pieces of gear that they noted was the introduction of the new Bell Pro Star helmet and graphics.

First and foremost on that list is is the introduction of the new lineup of Bell Star helmets. At the top of that list is the new Pro Star. While a fully detailed rundown of the is available in a previous blog post, suffice it to say, it is one of the most premium helmets in the world. For this post, we are going to focus more on two of the graphical options that are going to be made available in the same lineup; the Bell Pro Star Tracer and the Bell Pro Star Ratchet.

Bell Pro Star Tracer HelmetThe Bell Pro Star Tracer helmet is going to be the more subtle of the two lids as it comes in one color pallet (for the time being), of Black/Silver. The Tracer graphic is going to be a great option for the racer who wants to be eye-grabbing, without screaming it through a bullhorn. As with everything relating to the Bell Pro Star series, the Tracer graphic is a no-corners-cut choice with a level of detail that is not adequately conveyed in an image. The transitions between areas of contrast are fine-tuned, the flow is encompassing, and the quality of the graphic as a whole is unparalleled on the whole. The artists at Bell, as would be expected on a helmet of this price point really paid attention to every detail of the Pro Star Tracer graphic.

Bell Pro Star Helmet Review:

Bell Pro Star Ratchet Motorcycle HelmetFor the rider searching for something a little more “yo… look at me!” the new Bell Pro Star Ratchet Helmet is going to be the way to go. Like a velociraptor of destiny with an eye forward to the finish line, the Pro Star Ratchet system is in a class all its own. As with the Tracer graphic, the level of detail on the Ratchet is not something that is easily viewable through pictures alone. From the thought that went into the style when viewed from multiple angles, to the intrinsic essence of speed that is on full display throughout, the Bell Pro Star Ratchet graphic is not for the racer who hesitates on the throttle.

To keep it simple, the Bell Pro Star is the most talked about piece of motorcycle gear of recent months. It is taking a staple of the industry to a whole new level and is providing a quantum leap in much of its technicality. For riders who feel that the standard Clear Coat over Carbon look is not enough, the Tracer and Ratchet graphics are another two options that are well worth considering.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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