Saturday, February 27

Icon Hypersport Vests: Suns Out Guns Out

Suns out Guns out! If that is your motto, you will be very excited about the new ICON Hypersport Prime Vest and ICON Hypersport Stripped Vest.

Icon Hypersport Stripped Motorcycle VestThe new vests for the spring will allow you to show off all the curls you have been doing and let you get a sweet tan while you ride. The Icon Hypersport Stripped Vest may look like your basic vest but it packs some hidden features. It is made of a 1.2-1.4mm TrackSpec leather chassis, has a removable insulated liner, and comes with a D3O back protector. There is a ton of perforation so airflow will not be an issue. ICON also left the back panel open so you have room for your colors if needed.

Icon Hypersport Stripped Vest Review:

Icon Hypersport Prime Motorcycle VestThe Icon Hypersport Prime Vest is really a cut down, sleeveless version of the Hypersport Prime jacket. You can expect much more aggressive styling with the chest patch and fully armored back. The Hypersport Prime Vest still boasts a 1.2-1.4mm TrackSpec leather chassis, removable insulated liner, and a D3O back protector like the Hypersport Stripped Vest. Both options stick to ICON’s attack fit and have a 3/4 waist zipper that connects to Hypersport Pants.

Icon Hypersport Prime Vest Review:

These vests remind us that spring and summer are just around the corner. Stick to those new year's resolutions and shape up the arms of a Greek God. You know you want to go sleeveless and you know it will be in one of the new ICON vests.

- ZLAnsen

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