Saturday, February 27

Icon Alliance GT Helmet: Rubatone & Primary

Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying that Icon is a powerhouse in the motorcycle industry. We often see them at the forefront of moto style and design, although they have yet to come out with a helmet that includes a drop down sunvisor. Which is why we are so excited to see them releasing the new Icon Alliance GT. This lid is the first Icon helmet which offers a drop down sunvisor, finally negating the need for Icon riders to carry both a clear and a tinted shield. Prior to this new helmet, if you wanted a drop down sunvisor you had to go with a more conservative looking helmet that lacked the style and statement that Icon is known for.

Icon Alliance GT Rubatone Motorcycle HelmetSimilar to the standard Alliance, the new GT comes with a longer oval internal head shape, a fully removable interior, a DOT/ECE safety rating, lots of venting to keep you cool, and a familiar shape that this unmistakably and unapologetically Icon. The Alliance GT comes with a clear shield, but still uses the same Proshield that the normal Alliance does, so you can pop on a tinted or mirror shield if you want the extra light protection. The actuator for the drop down shield is thankfully located near the shield hinge, where it will not interfere with the installation of a Bluetooth communicator system.

So far they have only released two graphics, the Rubatone and the Primary.

Icon Alliance GT Helmet Review:

Icon Alliance GT Primary Motorcycle HelmetThe Icon Alliance GT Rubatone Helmet graphic comes in a stealthy matte black finish to help keep you flying under the radar. This specific graphic ships with a RST Gold Mirror drop down internal sunvisor for an extra style punch. Although this drop down sunvisor is replaceable, so if gold isn’t your thing it can easily be swapped out.

The Icon Alliance GT Primary Helmet graphic, while fairly tame by Icon standards, is being released in 6 different colors, so there should be something for everyone. It can be had in Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Blue/Red, and a Hi-Viz Yellow/White/Black. The Primary will ship with a RST Silver Mirror drop down internal sunvisor, which is also replaceable.

Icon Alliance GT Primary Helmet Review:

This Alliance GT is a long time coming and we think it will be a major hit. So if you are stylish rider in the market for a new helmet, and you hate carrying two shields, this may be the perfect helmet for you. I would strongly advise giving this new lid from Icon some serious consideration.

- Erick M.

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