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Icon Retrograde: Jacket, Boots, & Gloves

I know what you’re thinking. It’s 2016, elections are just around the corner, politicians are making their final ploys at swaying voters, gas prices are “magically” reaching their four year low cycle, and as our tax deadlines approach all a rider can think about is what our next piece of riding gear will be. Choosing which body part is going to win out and be replaced or upgraded is like voting in the primary. The brand we ultimately select is the final election, and we’ll be with our new gear into the foreseeable future. This spring you can’t go wrong with the new Icon 1000 Retrograde lineup. With their affordable pricing, you might be able to pick up all three. The Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket, Boots, and Gloves almost seem too good to be true; mixing slick fashion and high end materials without the high-end prices.

Icon 1000 Retrograde Motorcycle JacketIf an Italian Sport Bike Jacket had relations with an American Cafe Racing Jacket, it would spawn the Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket. Coming in a rich black or chestnut brown with a removable insulated SatinCore vest liner, the Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket adds a whole lot of sport bike tech to what is essentially a retro cafe piece. The tactical black-oxide metal zippers along with Icon’s mechanical articulated paneling behind the shoulders to provide increased shoulder and arm articulation add an element of premium ruggedness. The inner arms have perforated leather while the upper arm leather is quilted stitching underneath, get this, a metallic alloy shoulder slider. The whole jacket has 1.1mm or thicker leather and D3O impact protectors at the shoulders, elbow, and back. The Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket is an attack fit, meaning the body is tailored and the arms are pre-curved. Coming in at $650 is difficult for a jacket of this caliber, but the cherry on top is the numbered identification plaque.

Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket Review:

Icon 1000 Retrograde Motorcycle GlovesContinuing the theme of hybrid creations, the Icon 1000 Retrograde Gloves remind me of a cross between steampunk machines and the Predator. A goatskin chassis surrounds the premium and seamless kangaroo palm. Kangaroo is able to provide the same or better abrasion resistance as other leathers while being much thinner, giving your palms the protection needed without sacrificing tactile feedback. The steampunk vibe is realized in the ample use of accordion expansion gussets across the fingers, thumb, and back of the palm, topped off with Predator quality thermoplastic knuckle protectors with titanium plating. You’ll also find titanium in the cuff logo and D3O inserts! Despite the ample use of premium materials, the Icon 1000 Retrograde Gloves cost a very modest $100 and are available in an ultra-stealthy black or desert tan.

Icon 1000 Retrograde Gloves Review:

Icon Retrograde Motorcycle BootsNot to be out stealthed, the Icon Retrograde Boots are also available in stealth black with a prominent metallic alloy shin plate. If you prefer the richer earthy hues of the Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket and Gloves, the Boots pull those colors together in a two-toned chestnut brown and tan. Entry into the boot is controlled with a smooth rear entry zipper while the lower snap buckle and velcro on the side of the calf fine tune the boot to your needs. Perforated leather controls ventilation while malleolus inserts and additional layers of leather over the toe box and heel aide protection. The Icon Retrograde Boots are arriving just in time for our fall elections at $260.

Icon has been delivering amazing amounts of value in each subsequent product release. The new Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket, Gloves, and Boots are no exception. Unlike our politicians and luckily for us riders, Icon is actually delivering on their promises of providing exceptionally styled and protective equipment using premium materials at an affordable price point.

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