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Icon Motorhead 2 Jacket & Icon Treadwell Boots

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Icon's apparel stands out whether you are tearing up main street or exploring the road less traveled. The 2016 Icon Motorhead 2 Jacket is a follow-up to the original iconic jacket that will get you style and protection on the street. The Icon Raiden Treadwell boots are new adventure oriented releases designed to keep your feet dry and safe ripping down fire roads.
Icon Motorhead 2 Motorcycle Jacket
The Icon Motorhead 2 Jacket is back and it is new and improved. This is not like the Coke II debacle. The new Icon Motorhead has a few key upgrades for 2016. Icon outfits the new jacket with 1.2-1.3mm TrackSpec leather and D3O armor at the elbows, shoulders, and back. The Removable insulated SatinCore full sleeve liner keeps you warm as the temperatures drop. The Dual zipper vent cuffs provide a bit of air flow when the temperatures rise.

Icon Motorhead 2 Jacket Review:

Icon Raiden Treadwell Motorcycle Boots
Icon Raiden Treadwell Boots provide mid height waterproof boot protection. They split the difference between a full height boot and short boot so you can do some light off-roading without giving up too much comfort walking around. The D3O shin insert provides mid shin impact protection to keep your legs intact. The steel shank provides a stiff sole to support your foot when you have to stand on your pegs as well as stiff sole protection on the street.

Icon Raiden Treadwell Boots Review:

Icon is making their mark on the streets and off-road. It doesn't matter what type of riding you are doing, Icon will have something to cover your hide. The updated Motorhead jacket has bold styling while still managing to be understated. Figure that out. The Icon Raiden Treadwell boots bring new styling to the backwoods while still providing waterproof functionality

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