Saturday, February 27

Icon Raiden UX Jacket & UX Pants: For It All

Like riding dirt and adventure bikes, but motocross jersey too light for the havoc you wreak?  Icon might just have the answer you’ve been looking for.  The Raiden UX Jacket and Pants are like jerseys on steroids, keeping you protected from everything in the woods and everything on the street.

Icon Raiden UX Motorcycle JacketAdventure and woods riders have always had a difficult choice to make.  Dirt gear that provides no abrasion resistance and no armor, or waterproof adventure gear that leaves you sweating bullets and without any dexterity.  Icon appears to have devised a solution.  The Icon Raiden UX Jacket is made of a 4-way stretch HYCOR waterproof/breathable chassis which adds ruggedness, a relaxed fit, and greater dexterity for off road riding - all while remaining waterproof.  Coming with a full compliment of armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back - you’ll be more than protected during backwoods shenanigans.

Icon Raiden UX Jacket Review:

Icon Raiden UX Motorcycle PantsThe bread to this jacket’s butter, the Icon Raiden UX Pants will match nicely.  Knee and hip armor coupled with the same HYCOR chassis means you’ll be protected, dry, and free to move around comfortably.  Full length zippers mean easy in and out, even with huge clodhoppers. A loose Icon overpant fit means they’ll fit just about anyone, and give a gentle reminder of the 90s when JNCOs were something you wore non-ironically.  They look a lot like normal jeans too, so you won’t be screaming “motorcycle” if you have to stop at a gas station for a quick refuel.  Dirt meets city meets street.

Icon Raiden UX Pants Review:

Icon doesn’t screw around when it comes to innovation.  Though not exactly groundbreaking, their stuff is always unique and pushes boundaries in every direction.  The Raiden UX gear tackles problems we didn’t know we had, but that makes sense now that there’s a solution.  And that - that we’re okay with.

- ZLAuse

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