Saturday, February 27

Icon Alliance GT Graphics: The Honcho & La Bandera

Move over Airmada, the Icon Alliance this spring gets some new graphics, some updates and it is long over due in my opinion. Drum roll please! Icon wants to introduce to the new Alliance GT helmets, now with drop down sun visors and two cool new graphics; the Honcho and La Bandera. Let's dive in!
Icon Alliance GT Honcho Motorcycle Helmet
The Icon Alliance GT Honcho Helmet reminds me of a Texas rancher. I feel like I could wrangle cows or many miles on a motorcycle with this helmet. It inspires me to want to take on the world, while feeling and looking badass. The dark black back drop and bright silver and light gold really showcase that old west type of feel. It's just you, the bike, the sun and an open road ahead. Of course some twisties along the way. The great thing now is you do not have to pull over to swap shields at night. You can keep the clear shield and just put the drop down sun visor back up. Wallah!

Icon Alliance GT Honcho Helmet Review:

Icon Alliance GT La Bandera Motorcycle HelmetNow let's talk about the Icon Alliance GT La Bandera Helmet. To me, this is Oscar De La Hoya meets Bruce Lee. The ultimate fit perhaps, of the eagle and the dragon, on a back drop of the Mexican flag. Actually, it is a cool story about the legend of Huitzilopochtli, where a Mexican tribe choose the land to build a great city. This helmet is a symbol for the spirits surrounding this story. Which ever story you believe it represents is up to you. At the end of the day, this helmet seems to carry the true powers of the force with it. Well that's another story, but you get the idea.

Icon Alliance GT La Bandera Helmet Review:

Well Icon, you did it again. You brought us amazing helmet graphics, even more amazing stories to go with them, and updates that are long over due. Not only will we be safe riding with these helmets, we will have a center piece for starting conversations. So come on folks, grab the La Bandera or the Hancho Alliance helmets and start your own story telling.

- Rania

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