Monday, February 1

REV'IT! Gloves: Striker 2 & Neutron 2

Come this spring, REV'IT! is going to help you turn some heads with couple cool gloves getting adding to their line. You sport touring and ADV riders out there are going to love the new Striker 2 gloves. They have been redesigned to optimize comfort and breathability. For you cafe, naked or even cruiser riders, REVIT! is going to make you sexy this summer with the Neutron 2 gloves. I know, I know, Neutrons aren't always that sexy. In the world of subatomic particles, they lack any charge whatsoever! But hey, this is the moto world we are talking about here, and in true REV'IT fashion, these Neutrons are charged! Let's dive in and breakdown some of the new features of these amazing new gloves.

REV'IT! Striker 2 Motorcycle GlovesAlright, who's ready to ride the Trans-America trail or just whip through the canyons in Colorado this summer? Well if that's you, grab the new REV’IT! Striker 2 Gloves and head off into the sunset my friends These beefed up version of these gloves will be offered in a women's and men's option. Ya REV'IT! They now feature REVIT's new SeeSoft knuckle protection, which is their house armor brand. You get so much with this glove, a heavier duty touch screen finger tip, slimmer and longer under the jacket cuff, full goatskin palm. Only thing missing in my opinion is the visor wipe, REVIT, we better see this on the following generation. I mean at the end of the day, these are priced right, $89! They won't break the bank. For the lady riders out there, the REV'IT! Women's Striker 2 Gloves pack all of the same features and functionality into a design that has been specially constructed to fit a more famine hand.

REV'IT! Striker 2 Gloves Review:

REV'IT! Neutron 2 Motorcycle Gloves
Raise your hand if you’re an astrophysicist! Well, even if you are not a galactic genius of Nobel proportions, the REV'IT! Neutron 2 Gloves will still work well for you if you are a motorcyclist. These are super sexy, different, comfortable and breathable summer gloves REV'IT is using goatskin in the overall construction, adding a touch screen finger and thumb, and malleable TPR injected knuckle protection. With the REV'IT!Women’s Neutron 2 Gloves, there is a ladies version available to go along with the Mens, so matching rider and pillion just got easy. At a price of $79, the Neutron 2 Gloves back a massive bang-for-your-buck! We honestly think it is under priced for all of the quality features it offers.

REV'IT! Neutron 2 Gloves Review:

Well my friends, whether you go with eh new REV'IT! Striker 2 or the new Neutron 2 gloves, REVIT will not disappoint you. They are a brand that has been around for over 10 years and is one of our house favorites. But don't take our word for it, find out for yourselves and you will never look back. ADV, Cruiser, Sport touring, cafe, or just riding through the city. The Striker 2 or the Neutron 2 gloves will keep you protected on your way.

- Rania

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