Wednesday, June 1

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket: Warm & Dry

Tony - Content Coordinator

Being warm when all around you are cold, and being dry when all around you are wet. Those are two of the greatest feelings in life. It’s fact. In the battle of humankind vs. Mother Nature, the latter has always won out. Push come to shove, it always will. However, like knights of the motorcycle round table tasked with defending the realm of all things two-wheels against the outward forces of the world, Dainese is working hard to provide the best gear to keep humans in the game a bit longer. To that end, new for 2016, the Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket is ready to rumble.

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Motorcycle JacketComing from the path originally charted by the Dainese Carver Jacket, the new D-Cyclone GTX stands as a top-of-the-line addition to Dainese’s all world, 3-season sport-touring lineup. New additions to the Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex can be seen in the way that the GTX membrane has been laminated to the outer shell with Gore-Tex 2L SPL 600XK fabric. Basically, it is one of the most ardently-defended jackets out there when it comes to waterproofing. Like, the kind of defenses that not even Ethan Hunt could finagle through. When you put on the D-Cyclone, you keep out water. Simple as that. Additional improvements to the Dainese D-Cyclone Jacket can be found in the inclusion of leather-capped shoulders, added forearm adjustment, and improved mobility through the inclusion of ergonomically-placed stretch materials. Also, it comes with a Dainese Wave G2 Back Protector included. So, yeah… there is that too!

In the end, the Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket is built to provide cool - cold weather riders with one of the very best choices in the world for their needs. Coming in at a substantial investment price-point, it really is going to be geared for the most ardent of motorcyclists who are intent on riding deeper into the winter months. With a lack of direct venting, the seasonality of the D-Cyclone will taper off towards the warmer months, so that is also going to be important to keep in mind. However, if staying warm and dry through the cooler and wetter months of the year is high on your priority list, Dainese has provided a truly substantial tool for your rebellion against the hardships of Mother Nature.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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