Wednesday, June 1

Dainese Brooklyn Gore-Tex Jacket: Rugged w/ a Soft Side

Tony - Content Coordinator

The Dainese Brooklyn Gore-Tex Jacket is kind of like the famous borough itself; rugged and rough from the outside, but internally it has a softer side to offer for those who care to look. Two sides. Complex in nature. Ready for anything and undeterred by a challenge. That is Brooklyn, in both cases.

Dainese Brooklyn Gore-Tex Motorcycle JacketWith an outer shell that has been constructed with a laminated Gore-Tex 3L breathable & waterproof fabric, the Dainese Brooklyn GTX is a motorcycle jacket that is ready take on the elements head-on. In terms of weather protection, there really is nothing better as Gore-Tex is the standard by which all other material waterproofing is currently measured. However, rugged and road-ready isn’t exactly the epitome of comfort. It’s meant to fight off the elements and asphalt after all. Not really the kind of thing that you want to snuggle up to on a beachfront cabana. That’s where the internal Thermore Booster thermal down jacket comes into play. Plush and polished for stand-alone use, this removable liner keeps the inner confines of the Dainese Brooklyn Jacket comfy throughout the duration of the ride, as well as offering a fashionable piece that can just as easily be worn off of the bike entirely. Additional features of the Dainese Brooklyn Jacket include Pro-Armor soft protectors at the shoulders and elbows, ample adjustment throughout, and reflective inserts that improve visibility in the saddle.

For a longer-cut and coverage, multi-function jacket built to handle the elements, Dainese has put together a top-contender with the new Brooklyn GTX. It does a lot, for riders who are up to the challenge.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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