Friday, July 1

Dainese D-Blizzard D-Dry & Stream Line D-Dry Jackets: Rain or Snow

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Come rain or come snow, sunshine-y warmness of wonder, or cloudy gloomy greyness, the ride must continue. To be at one with the environment is to ride, and to ride is to take on the elements that come with said environment. For Fall of 2016, Dainese has taken this all into account with their newest jackets.

Dainese Blizzard D-Dry Motorcycle JacketThe Dainese Blizzard D-Dry Jacket, as the name might suggest, is all about taking you through seriously rough weather. Built for the long-range touring motorcyclist, the Blizzard D-Dry Jacket incorporates insulation, waterproofing, and a sleek styling that works to keep riders in the saddle for longer (and happier) trips. In using a lightweight laminated D-Dry membrane that stops the elements at the front door, the Dainese Blizzard provides motorcyclists with a protective outer D-Synth 310L shell that will take them through the best that the skies throw their way. Internally, a removable thermal liner helps to retain body heat when the temperatures drop, as well as composite protectors at the shoulders and elbows for increased impact protection. Additional features of the Dainese Blizzard Jacket include a jacket-to-trousers fastening system, ample adjustment throughout the neck, hips, and waist, and direct air vents on the chest and back for increased ventilation.

Dainese D-Blizzard D-Dry Jacket Review:

Dainese Stream Line D-Dry Motorcycle JacketFor riders who are in search of a more sporty look that still retains a high-degree of touring features, the Dainese Stream Line D-Dry Jacket is right on the money. In case the name didn’t give it away, the Dainese Stream Line Jacket is, well, streamlined. Built to the length and look of an aggressive sport motorcycle jacket, the Streamline jacket features aspects of touring jackets that make it great for mid-distance rides, or every-day commuters. With an outer D-Synth 350 shell that has been augmented for waterproof protection with Dainese’s D-Dry membrane, the Stream Line jacket is both rugged against the road and ready for the rain. Additional features of the Dainese Streamline D-Dry Jacket include bielastic elasticated fabric for increased mobility, removable composite protectors, and a removable thermal liner.

Dainese Stream Line D-Dry Jacket Review:

Warm weather just got here, and yet, we still need to be thinking of the Fall if we want to be ready. Riding against the elements is a chess game, and Dainese is providing a winning strategy with the new Blizzard and Stream Line D-Dry motorcycle jackets.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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