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Dainese Jackets: Blackjack D-Dry, Hyper Flux D-Dry, & Alley D-Dry

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Three of a kind. If you were playing cards, it’d be a strong hand. Today, however, we are going to go about things a bit differently as we go through three of the newest jackets from the Dainese 2016 Fall lineup. Yes, there are three. Yes, they are related (all Dainese). However, the motorcycle jackets covered below win by being different.

Dainese Blackjack D-Dry Motorcycle JacketWith the Dainese Blackjack D-Dry Jacket, the Italian juggernaut has crafted a retro-styled motorcycle jacket that is also built to handle the elements. While the jackets of yesteryear really looked cool, they weren’t waterproof. They also often lacked thermal capabilities. They were leather or textile. If it rained you got wet. If it was cold, you were not warm. With the Dainese Blackjack D-Dry, however, riders get the best of both worlds. Constructed of a D-Synth 220L outer shell that has been laminated with Dainese’s D-Dry waterproofing, the Blackjack retains its roots while also attacking hard against the rain. Additional features of the Blackjack waterproof jacket include a removable thermal liner for colder days, cowhide leather inserts for added style, and removable composite protectors for increased impact protection.

Dainese Blackjack D-Dry Jacket Review:

Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry Motorcycle JacketSwitching gears into a jacket that is anything but retro, the Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry Jacket is all about modernity. Lightweight in its construction, the Hyper Flux makes use of a sleek, sporty, and contemporary aesthetic that would be as at home in a fighter jet as it is on the bike. Though it has been designed as a minimalist option for warm weather, the Hyper Flux D-Dry jacket does not sacrifice on the features. From the removable waterproof D-Dry liner to the polyurethane rigid shoulder armor that has been covered with Duratex fabric, the Dainese Hyperfulx jacket makes the most of modern motorcycle amenities. Additional features include large mesh panels for high-ventilation, removable composite protectors, and ample adjustability throughout the neck, waist, and wrists.

Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry Jacket Review:

Dainese Alley D-Dry Motorcycle JacketFinally, there is the around-town, evergreen, casual crusader of the bunch, the new Dainese Alley D-Dry Jacket. Built to have the aesthetic of a standard fashion jacket, yet backed by motorcycle-specific features that make the ride better and safer, the Alley D-Dry Jacket is one of the more unique items in Dainese’s arsenal. At its core, the Alley Jacket is all about keeping riders warm, safe, and dry… with style. From the streamlined Dainese Pro-Armor at the shoulders and elbows, to the D-Synth 220L outer shell that has been laminated with Dainese D-Dry waterproofing, the Alley jacket protects against impacts and rain alike. Additional features of the Dainese Alley D-Dry include a removable thermal liner, removable thermal hood, and the ability to take a Dainese G1 or G2 back protector (sold separately).

Dainese Alley D-Dry Jacket Review:

In the end, three of a kind is good. But when you have multiple requirements, spanning multiple roads and riding days, sometimes specificity can come in handy.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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