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Alpinestars Gloves: GP Pro R2 Gloves and GP Plus R Gloves

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Around the world, from MotoGP to your local (or as local as it gets) track days, you will see that famous Astars logo often, and prominently displayed. Few, if any, motorcycle gear brands have the reach in both geography, or segment, that Alpinestars does. Their popularity comes from many avenues, but it all starts with an unwavering dedication to provide riders of all levels with the gear that they need. In looking at two of their latest motorcycle glove offerings for Fall of 2016, this commitment to the various rider levels is put on full display.

Alpinestars GP Plus R Motorcycle Gloves For the track-day rider who is looking to take the first step into an upper-level speedster glove, the Alpinestars GP Plus R Gloves provide a great starting point. These gloves are far above entry-level as they display truly top-tier features. However, they have also been designed knowing that not all riders at this stage in their skillsets are looking for a pro-level glove (and the added expense that comes with it). With the GP Plus R Gloves, riders get a CE Level-1 certified race gauntlet glove that is constructed from full-grain cow and goat leather for a great combination of durability and comfort. Additional features of the Astars GP Plus 2 Leather Gloves include a Dynamic Friction Shield, localized perforation, and the incorporation of Dupont Kevlar fibers at the top surface of the hand and thumb.

Alpinestars GP Plus R Gloves Review:

Alpinestars GP Pro R2 Motorcycle GlovesAt the same time, there definitely are riders out there who are looking for pro-level gloves, and Astars is ready to accommodate. In looking at the Alpinestars GP Pro R2 Gloves, riders are taking a step into the upper echelon of gauntlet race gloves. Certified to CE Level-2, the GP Pro R2 Gloves offer as ardent defenses as any motorcycle racing gloves on the track, at any level. Additionally, they utilize a full-grain cowhide and goatskin combo throughout the outer shell as the GP Plus does, however they also have the added benefit of kangaroo leather at the palm for superior tactile feedback on the controls. Additional features of the Astars GP Pro R2 motorcycle gloves include a TPU injected adjustable cuff panel, molded knuckle protection with air intake vents, and touchscreen compatibility.

Alpinestars GP Pro R2 Gloves Review:

 Simply put, Alpinestars makes some of the most popular motorcycle gloves in the world. From the track to the dirt, they hit it all. With the GP Plus R and GP Pro R2 gloves, they have further refined their track day offerings for the Fall of 2016 and beyond.

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