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Alpinestars GP Plus Race Suit

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Like Medieval knights preparing to saddle the most refined transportation devices of the day and charge headlong to high-speed jousting glory, the modern motorcycle racer is as reliant on their attire as they are on the horse -- or motorcycle itself. Basically, the right gear, at the right time, for the right rider is imperative. It’s also kind of cool. Like, for real, who doesn’t enjoy an awesome motorcycle race suit?

Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Motorcycle Race SuitWith the new Alpinestars GP Plus Race Suit, one of the most prominent forces in motorcycle racing (and motorcycle gear in general) introduces its latest iteration in a storied lineage. As it follows in the footsteps of decades of the best in the business, the GP Plus Leather Race Suit certainly has a lot to live up to. However, with one of the most notable pedigrees out there, the new GP Plus Suit is set to deliver in a big way. From the 1.3mm genuine cow leather construction, to the intricate details seen in features such as the Dynamic Friction Shield external TPU sliders and strategic stretch for on-bike mobility, the Astars GP Plus Leather Suit has been designed with the avid racer in mind. Additional features include localized perforation, CE-certified protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and knees, a removable mesh inner liner, a waterproof inner pocket, and the ability to upgrade the protection with space for the Nucleon chest and back protectors.

Alpinestars GP Plus Race Suit Review:

With decades of focus on motorcycle riders, it’s no wonder why Alpinestars is so popular at race tracks around the world. For the Fall of 2016, the new GP Plus Race Suit adds to the arsenal and will provide riders with a great track-day option for many years into the future.

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