Saturday, August 27

Icon 1000 Retrograde Boots

If the Icon Raiden DKR and Elsinore HP Boots had a love child, the new Icon 1000 Retrograde Boots would be the offspring that Mad Max would ride in. With the Retrograde, you get style and protection, but in a shorter option for more comfort and versatility.

Icon 1000 Retrograde Motorcycle BootsIt would be too easy to just dismiss these boots as a short version of the Elsinore HP Boots, so we won't. The Retrograde boots use a similar full-grain, oiled-leather construction, and come with the same strap buckle and metal shin plate as the Elsinore HP boots. That is where the similarities end, and the Retrograde boots start to borrow tech from the Raiden DKR. Instead of a welted sole, the Retrograde boots use a bonded sole that is lighter and lower-profile, which helps with clearance around the controls. The Retrogrades also get D30 armor inserts, a side entry flap and a rear entry zipper. Lastly, there is a steel shank in the sole for comfort when standing on the controls.

Icon 1000 Retrograde Boots Review:

These boots are made primarily for riding. These are not going to be the best option for bike night, or a quick run to the store. With this much protection and style baked in though, why would you want that? Stay on the bike for longer, take the path less traveled, and make your own adventure with these new Retrograde boots from Icon!


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