Saturday, August 27

Icon Airframe Pro Flashbang Helmet

Flash Bang (flaSH baNG) n. A non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy's senses. adj. A term used to describe the effect of showing up to a bike night wearing the new Icon Airframe Pro Flashbang Helmet.

Icon Airframe Pro Flashbang Motorcycle HelmetThe new Icon Flash Bang Carbon Helmet is built on the Airframe Pro shell that made such a splash in the market last year. That means you get a composite helmet shell comprised of aerospace-grade carbon fiber which is offered in four unique shell sizes. Making sure you get a snug fit is a five-piece modular liner with moisture-wicking HydraDry. The generous venting scheme and fog-free face shield work together to keep you comfortable and keep your vision clear.

If your goal is to stun everyone around you, Icon has you covered with the Airframe Pro Flash Bang Helmet. Leave everyone dazed and confused as you speed past and fly off into the sunset.


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