Saturday, August 27

Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Helmet

Stand at attention! Icon is “deploying” these camo graphics all over their Fall 2016 product line. The highly-refined Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Helmet is the next generation to receive a facelift in the form of this new graphic, which is a clever name referring to the stylized olive-drab pattern that adorns this lid.

Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Motorcycle HelmetAs Icon puts it, this “ain’t your daddy’s camo”, and I can’t help but agree. You might find yourself turned off by all the highlighter yellow “Hi-Viz” graphics on the market and want something you can lay low with. Do we call this “Low-Viz”? I’m not sure, but it certainly looks cool. Personally, I am always looking for more earth tones in my riding gear, even if that means not being seen when I slip into the trees. Whether you’re in the military or just think everything looks better in camo, this graphic really does fall in line. Rest assured, this isn’t all form and no function: The Airframe Pro delivers optimal aerodynamics for the sport rider and has proven itself in battle time and time again.

I think this helmet is going to be a huge success. The Airframe Pro remains one of the mainstays of the Icon line, and camo remains one of the most ubiquitous patterns in the US. Now drop the clutch and give me 20 wheelies!

Get out and explore!

Chris S.

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