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Klim Krios Helmet

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There are motorcyclists, and then there are Titans of the Trails. There are good riders, and there are those of Olympian skills. There are -- well, you get the picture. Good vs. Great. It is often a gulf harder to traverse than that of Average to Good. Or even Bad to Good. However, if there is one company out there equipped to bring greatness to the off-road, Klim is up to the task, and for the Fall of 2016, the introduction of their Greek-themed Klim Krios Helmet stands as proof.
Klim Krios Element Motorcycle Helmet
As the Titan of the North, and baller of the stars and constellations, Krios was a true boss of Greek mythology and fits in well with the ethos of Klim. He was a Titan of Resolve and Intelligence. He was the son of the sky and the Earth. Heck, he even rocked ram horns on his helmet! All of these are fitting for the new Klim Krios Element Helmet (and the Klim Krios Stealth Helmet), as it precisely fits into the exact same mindset, as do the type of riders who will put it to use.

Klim Krios Stealth Motorcycle HelmetWith the Krios, riders get a helmet that is constructed from a hand-laid full-carbon shell that features a wide carbon weave. Basically, that just means that it is incredibly light, and equally light, thus allowing for an ADV helmet that is both DOT and ECE certified, with a weight of 3.25lbs. At the same time, the Krios has been specially crafted to remain highly aerodynamic for its category. While it is not going to perform like a race-ready street helmet at speed, as it pertains to ADV / Dual Sport lids, the Krios Helmet cuts through the air at the head of its class. Additionally, the Klim Krios helmets use Klimatek Fabric throughout the internal liner, offer intelligent ventilation for the optimization of internal airflow, and are compatible with the Klim Radius Goggles.

Oh yeah, and at the same time, the Klim Krios Sena 10U Element and Klim Krios Sena 10U Stealth Helmet are also available for riders who want a seamless technological experience with the integration of the Sena 10U Bluetooth Communicator. So, there is that too.

In the end, the Klim Krios Helmet is one of the best in the game. A true Dual Sport and ADV motorcycle helmet that lives up to the lofty name of which it bares.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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