Monday, August 1

Klim Tactical Pro Jersey

Tony - Content Coordinator

Making the most of the trails requires the right mixture of protection, durability, comfort, and style (yeah, style matters too!). For years there have been few out there who do it better than Klim, and for the Fall of 2016, they continue to assert themselves as an industry leader across the board.

Klim Tactical Pro Motorcycle JerseyWith the Klim Tactical Pro Jersey, riders get a set of streamlined, off-road chainmail that is as light as it is breezy. In keeping with the times, Klim as minimized the Tactical Pro Jersey in order to provide a tapered fit that doesn't flap in the wind, but at the same time allows for ample space to include the requisite off-road armor. Additionally, Klim has thought of the little details as well, as can be seen in the soft padding along the arms, snug wrist closure, and hidden visor wipe tucked neatly away within a right chest pocket.

Simple isn’t simple, and as efficient as the Klim Tactical Pro Jersey looks from the outside, it is a highly sophisticated, long-lasting, mesh dirt jersey that can keep pace with the most ardent of riders.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,


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