Monday, August 1

Speed and Strength Soul Shaker Moto Shoes

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For the Fall of 2016, Speed and Strength has paid special attention to taking their selection of classic / casual to a new level, and much of the lineup has been developed along that thought process. One of the most notable pairs of footwear to come from this mindset can be seen with the brand new Soul Shaker Moto Shoes.

Speed and Strength Soul Shaker Motorcycle ShoesWhen looking at the Speed and Strength Soul Shaker Shoes, you won’t see much that makes them look like anything other than a regular pair of sneakers -- and that is the whole point! With a sleek and casual style, the Soul Shaker Shoes are almost indistinguishable from a standard pair of fashion kicks, but underneath, they are a lot more sturdy. Most of that durability comes from the premium quality top-grain leather upper that provides a rugged (yet refined) finish. Additional features of the Speed & Strength Soul Shaker Motorcycle Shoes include molded internal toe and ankle reinforcements, as well as an under-cover lacing system.

Speed & Strength Soul Shaker Moto Shoes Review:

With the Soul Shaker Shoes, Speed & Strength has furthered their line of contemporary styled motorcycle gear for a new riding season ahead.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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