Monday, August 1

Speed and Strength Standard Supply Moto Shirt

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Signature style with substance, that is the Speed and Strength way. It is the standard that they have set, and what they can be counted on to deliver with each new piece. For the Fall of 2016, the Standard Supply Moto Shirt is set to continue the trend.

Speed & Strength Standard Supply Motorcycle ShirtBuilt to be almost indistinguishable from any other button-down plaid shirt, the Speed and Strength Standard Supply Moto Shirt is constructed of a 100% Cotton frame, but comes to the table with a bit more under the hood. With DuPont Kevlar reinforcements placed at the shoulders and elbows, the Standard Supply Moto Shirt is anything but, well, standard. In incorporating the Kevlar additions, Speed & Strength has increased the slide protection throughout two of the most common impact areas. On top of that, the Standard Supply Shirt features a removable insulated full-sleeve liner with hood to extend the functional range of the shirt into cooler weather.

Speed & Strength Standard Supply Moto Shirt Review:

Riding is fun. Making a statement with your motorcycle gear only adds to that experience. For riders who want to travel light, but also want a little bit extra motorcycle-specific features to their shirts, Speed and Strength has made it possible with the Standard Supply Shirt.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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