Thursday, September 1

AGV K5 S Helmet

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There are chairs, and then there is your grandparents’ La-Z-Boy. There are beds, and then there are deluxe NASA memory foam mattresses that could house a T-Rex title fight on one end, and not even remotely disturb a sleeping baby on the other. Basically, there are things that exist, and there are things things that make those things more comfortable. That is what the new AGV K5 S Helmet is all about.

AGV K5 S Motorcycle HelmetDesigned to bring ever-increased levels of enjoyment to riders, the K5 S was created as a way to further advance rider comfort on longer trips. The main way this is done is with a re-imagined internal liner that has been crafted with high-performance fabrics and low-profile stitching. The outer shell of the K5 S is comprised of a lightweight and incredibly strong Carbon / Fiberglass combination that at the same time has been precisely tuned for optimal on-bike aerodynamics. Additional features of the AGV K5 S include a drop-down internal sun visor for various lighting conditions, a Pinlock faceshield (lens included), and a high-flow ventilation system to keep air moving throughout.

AGV K5 S Helmet Review:

Comfort equates to more miles, with more value in each. For the Fall of 2016, that type of value is exactly what the AGV K5 S Helmet aims to add.

Have fun out there, be safe, and always…

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