Thursday, September 1

AGV K5 S Graphics: Darkstorm, Hurricane, and Fireace

Tony - Content Coordinator

The new AGV K5 S Helmet is all about upgrading the experience of the riders who wear it. The all-new AGV K5 S Helmet graphics, in turn, are all about upgrading the aesthetic appeal provided to those same riders.

Dainese K5 S Darkstorm Motorcycle HelmetWith the AGV K5 S Darkstorm Helmet, riders get a swooping, brand-themed lid that incorporates high-contrast and high-intensity. Prominently featuring the AGV logo along the outer side of the Carbon / Fiberglass shell, the K5 S Darkstorm has the look of a bloodthirsty panda on the prowl. When all of the light is gone, and the wind is a blowing hard in all directions, there is no need to announce your arrival, as the world will already know that the Darkstorm is coming its way.

AGV K5 S Hurricane Motorcycle Helmet
AGV K5 S FIreace Motorcycle HelmetSpeaking of winds, the AGV K5 S Hurricane is also on its way to the States, and is bringing with it a swirling graphic of electric aesthetics and searing bolts of moto-magnitude. With the choice on the table between Blue, Red, and Gunmetal graphics, the Hurricane from AGV is not the kind of lid to go unnoticed in a crowd. No, no. Ya see, the K5 S Hurricane (in whatever color riders choose) is much more likely to the the helmet that makes the competition hunker down and cower behind something sturdy. They don’t even want to try it.

Lastly, there is the AGV K5 S Firerace Helmet. With this graphic, riders get a traditional, go-fast aesthetic that breaks the visual monotony of solid-color lids, yet does so without screaming its desires for attention, full volume, into a bullhorn. The Firerace helmet is great for the rider who likes their own style, knows they are a boss on the bike, and are comfortable enough in that to simply saddle up, buckle down their lid, and ride out. No fan-fare needed. No confetti cannons to announce their departure. And no fireworks needed upon their arrival. Just a stylish, aggressively crafted graphic to keep them company along the way.

Comfort is cool. On that we can all agree. But style is what stands out. For the Fall of 2016, AGV and their new graphical additions to the K5 S lineup stand as proof.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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