Thursday, September 1

Klim K1R Helmet and Graphics

Tony - Content Coordinator

Premium materials for the rider who knows what to do with them. That is kind of the Klim ethos. Well, that and exploring, advancing, and cutting a new path forward. Pretty much all of the things that you would expect from one of the world’s foremost motorcycle gear manufacturers. For the Fall of 2016, they will also be trying their hand at the motorcycle helmet game.

Klim K1R Raw Karbon Motorcycle HelmetThe new Klim K1R Raw Karbon Helmet is an ultra-lightweight full-face helmet that features a carbon fiber outer shell and track-level venting for a lightweight and comfortable on-bike experience. In using Intelligent Ventilation, the K1R Helmet is able to funnel a ton of air throughout the helmet, without overpowering the rider with the noise levels commonly associated with that feature. Additionally, the Klim K1R Helmet provides a ton of value as it comes with a Transitions faceshield, as well as a Pinlock lens insert included. As a lid that brings together race performance and touring comfort, Klim is aiming high with the new K1R.

Klim K1R Discern Hi-Viz Motorcycle HelmetIf the look of a carbon fiber outer shell really isn’t your style (though, it kind of is EVERYONE’s style), Klim offers two graphical options to help augment the already stellar features of the K1R. With the Klim K1R Discern Hi-Viz Helmet and the Klim K1R Meridian Helmet, riders get a choice between flash, and flashier. Retaining all of the premium materials, comfort amenities, and lightweight characteristics of the standard Karbon, the K1R Meridian and K1R Discern graphics are all about making a stand-out motorcycle helmet stand-out a bit more.

New is exciting. New is fun. New also takes A LOT of hard work. For a brand like Klim, all of those aspects are welcome, and they are being put on display with the new lineup of K1 R motorcycle helmets in the Fall of 2016.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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