Thursday, September 1

REV'IT! Shoes: Grand and Emerald

Tony - Content Coordinator

Riding the wave of motorcycle-specific, yet understated and casual-looking footwear options, REV’IT! has introduced 2 new motorcycle shoes for the Fall of 2016.

REV'IT! Grand Motorcycle ShoesWith the REV’IT! Grand Shoes, riders get a set of motorcycle shoes that are in full on stealth mode. Looking no different than a pair of vintage fashion kicks, the Grand motorcycle shoes have no problems fitting in on the footpegs or the street. Constructed of full grain cowhide and backed with thermoformed cups / caps at the heels and toes, the REVIT Grand Shoes walk the line in between the worlds of moto and street style.

REV'IT! Grand Shoes Review:

REV'IT! Emerald Women's Motorcycle ShoesFor lady riders, the REV’IT! Emerald Women’s Shoes do the exact same thing. While neither the Grand or the Emerald shoes will provide riders with the same level of protection as a set of more ardently defensed motorcycle boots, each of these shoes aim to meet in the middle and provide more protection than a standard pair of sneakers, and more comfort than boots. With the Women’s REV’IT! Emerald Shoes, all of the features of the Grand are incorporated, yet set in a fitment that works better with female riders foot shapes.

REV'IT! Emerald Women's Shoes Review:

Low-key and understated, yet still with advanced features that are specifically built with motorcyclists in mind. That is the bar height that the REVIT Grand and REVIT Emerald shoes seek to eclipse. Let the jumps begin!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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