Tuesday, October 4

Bell Custom 500 Graphics: Hart Luck, RSD 74, & Ace Cafe Ton Up

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Nothing says old-school moto like the right vintage style. And nothing says the right vintage style like the Bell Custom 500. For the Fall of 2016, Bell has introduced a handful of new graphics to usher in the new year of classically-themed open-face helmets.

Bell Custom 500 Hart Luck HelmetWith the Bell Custom 500 Hart Luck Helmet, riders get a glimpse into an executive casino lounge. The Hart Luck graphic is so in-tune with the Vegas golden days that you can almost feel the crispness of a fresh blackjack deck, hear the sounds of slot machines, and smell the cigar smoke in the air around it. While the Custom 500 has been specially crafted to provide riders with a low-profile fitment, there is nothing low-profile about the Hart Luck graphic itself.

Bell Custom 500 Hart Luck Helmet Review:

Bell Custom 500 RSD 74
On the converse side of the glitz and glamour, the Bell Custom 500 RSD 74 Helmet is a gritty alternative for riders who shun the limelight. Built to reflect a year that saw everything from a new
baseball home-run king, to the launch of one of the mainstays of air superiority (welcome to the world F-16 Fighting Falcon), the RSD 74 is the kind of helmet that would be much more at home in a grimy workshop off the strip than it would being served lobster and playing blackjack at center stage.

Bell Custom 500 RSD 74 Helmet Review:
Bell Custom 500 Carbon Ace Cafe Ton Up Helmet

Unlike its little brothers, the Bell Custom 500 Carbon Ace Cafe Ton Up Helmet doesn’t fashion itself to fit in anywhere. It is wild. It is unruly. It has the temperament of a ravenous wolverine and the moto-precision of an Indy car. Like the rest of the Bell Custom 500 lineup, the Ace Cafe Ton Up Helmet is low-profile, expertly-crafted, and features a plush interior for a comfortable ride. However, unlike the rest of the graphics mentioned above, the Custom 500 Carbon Ace features a carbon composite shell that 1) reduces weight while maintaining superior strength, and 2) looks awesome!

Bell Custom 500 Carbon Ace Cafe Ton Up Helmet Review:

The classics are making a comeback. With the latest from the Custom 500 lineup, Bell has afforded options to riders who are in search of a bit of augmentation to their premium open-face helmet selections.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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