Monday, October 31

Dainese Jeans: Charger and Connect

When it comes to riding pants, sometimes you just want to keep it casual while you’re running errands or going into town on your bike. The dilemma is finding a pair of casual jeans that provide more protection than your average pair of Levi’s. For their Fall 2016 collection, Dainese is giving riders a few more options to choose from with the new Charger and Connect Jeans.

The Dainese Charger  Jeans are stone washed and bad-to-the-bone. From the dark denim of the jeans to the heavy duty reinforcements, the Charger jeans are just as tough as they look. Internal DuPont Kevlar reinforcements make the jeans sturdier and more durable, while the removable knee protectors and the Pro-Shape removable hip armor provide riders with some pretty serious protection. But just because they’re rugged, doesn’t mean the Charger Jeans aren’t comfortable. At the crotch of the Charger Jeans, Dainese uses the same S1 bi-elastic fabric that they use in their leather race suits to ensure the comfort of the rider.

Dainese Charger Jeans Review:

The other option that’s offered for Fall 2016 are the lightweight Dainese Connect Jeans. The Connect jeans offer riders the option for added protection that they can remove once they’re off the bike and out on the streets. With Pro-Armor and Pro-Shape knee pockets, the Connect jeans are Dainese’s way of giving riders an alternative to bulkier jeans with built-in protection. Like the Charger jeans, the Dainese Connect jeans also employ elasticated fabric and internal DuPont Kevlar reinforcements.

Dainese Connect Jeans Review:

With the Charger and Connect jeans Dainese has created a few pieces that will seamlessly fit into any wardrobe. Now that Dainese has introduced two impressive, protective pairs of jeans, riders don’t have pick between comfort/style and protection.


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