Monday, October 31

Dainese Street Darker Leather Jacket

Fancy yourself a race leather jacket, but normal "browns" and "blacks" just not dark enough?  Dainese may have the answer with the new Dainese Street Darker Leather Jacket.

One part track leather and one part city style and you have Dainese's new Street Darker Leather Jacket.  A full compliment of composite armor, along with a Trisoft full-grain vat-dyed cowhide will keep you safe from all but the nastiest road hazards.  And while yes, the Street Darker has shoulder armor with aluminum inserts, they've got a fresh coat of black paint on them - no one will be the wiser.  You get race level protection in a package that doesn't scream Power Ranger.  And if that weren't enough, there's plenty of S1 stretch paneling to aid in a comfortably snug fit.

Dainese Street Darker Leather Jacket Review:

If you dream of being thoroughly protected, but don't want anyone to pick you out of a crowd, Dainese has you covered.  Literally.


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