Wednesday, October 5

Schuberth R2 Graphics: Nemesis, Enforcer, and Renegade

Tony - Content Coordinator

It’s always intriguing when one of the best comes to the table and says that they have gotten better. Such is the case with the launch of the new Schuberth R2 for the Fall of 2016. To accompany one of the latest additions to the Schuberth lineup, they have also introduced three new graphics.
Schuberth R2 Nemesis Helmet
The Schuberth R2 Nemesis Helmet keeps things simple, yet does so in a way that makes the helmet stand out even more than usual on the road. The Nemesis is a graphic that will be great for riders who like to add a bit of visual differentiation to their wardrobe, but who are not looking to go off the deep end with an overly “in your face” graphic. When compared with a solid color helmet, graphics such as the Nemesis allow for riders to be better seen in that they grab the eye of fellow motorists due to the high-contrast colorways.
Schuberth R2 Enforcer Helmet
For riders looking for a bit more personality, the Schuberth R2 Enforcer Helmet comes to the table with an electric zebra-like pattern that can be as attention grabbing as it is perplexing. Is it Black stripes on a White background, or White stripes on a Black background!?!? Regardless of the answer to that question (if there is an answer at all), there is no question as to the merits of the world-class quality that come with the R2. The Schuberth R2 Enforcer is a premium helmet with a highly noticeable graphic built for riders who want to be seen. Simple as that.

Schuberth R2 Renegade HelmetTaking one step further down the spectrum, the Schuberth R2 Renegade Helmet is built for riders who are not even remotely trying to subdue the outward projection of their personal riding ethos. It is a loud helmet (graphically speaking -- as it is super quiet when it comes to the ride itself!). It makes a statement. It does not apologize. Landing somewhere between tiger stripes, blazes of fire, or the pattern left by a ravenous Great White after sinking its teeth into dinner, the R2 Renegade Helmet is a Lamas-worthy lid with equal parts attitude and moto-specific functionality.

The full spectrum of aesthetics to go with the full spectrum of riders. Schuberth has been doing it at the highest level for years, and will continue that trajectory well into the future.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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