Thursday, October 13

SIDI Arcadia Boots

Have you ever found yourself carrying an extra pair of boots to change into after you ride into work? Well now you can shed an extra couple of pounds from your bag (and up your style!) with the Sidi Arcadia Tex Boots.
SIDI Arcadia Boots
Designed to look like a work boot and reinforced to fit the needs of an everyday rider, the Arcadia boots give riders the benefit of not having to change their shoes every time they get on their bike. The boots feature internal reinforcements at the toes and the heel cup, as well as additional protection through internal outer-ankle protective caps. Comfort was certainly on the minds of the designers at Sidi when they added an anti-vibration inner sole system, a removable arch support pad, and additional padding at the top of the shoe. The Arcadia boots, made out of a combination of suede, leather, Cordura, are available in two colors: Brown and Black.

So if you like the look of rugged work-boots, but are also in search of the added protection of more traditional riding boots, then leave the Timbs at home and take the Sidi Arcadia Boots out for a spin.

- Harman

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