Tuesday, October 4

TCX Drifter WP Boots

TCX Drifter WP Motorcycle BootsIf your bike can take you to the ends of the earth and back, you need to have gear to match. For those overland adventures, the right tires are tremendously important for your bike, as that is the only point of contact with the ground. Similarly, the right boots are a must to keep you protected, and keep you in control during difficult situations and maneuvers.

TCX understands this, and for fall 2016 they launched the TCX Drifter WP Boots. TCX also realize that you need to be protected, but an adventure is only fun if you get off the bike and explore your surroundings. To help with this, the lug-soled TCX Drifter Boots are grippy and compliant enough for shifting, walking and hiking around off the bike. Coupled with that is the new Comfort Fit System, which is an internal molding design that more closely mimics the contours of the human foot. Lastly, the interior is padded with microfiber inserts for increased comfort.

TCX Drifter WP Boots Review:

 From a protection standpoint, the Drifter WP Boots are CE-Rated and have heel, ankle, and toe armor combined with a polyurethane shin plate reinforcement. The boots secure with 3 adjustable solid aluminum buckles. Construction wise, there is a vintage leather upper, a suede heat guard on the inside of the leg, a leather shift pad, and TCX-proprietary waterproofing on the inside. When the trail ends, and you need to kick off a tree stump to keep upright, you will need to have the right boots. When you reach the top of the mountain pass though, you will want to get of the bike and enjoy the spoils of your labor. Now with the TCX Drifter WP Boots, you don't have to choose between one or the other, you really can have your adventure and ride it too!


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